Xerox Network Scanning, Xerox Workflow Scanning Setup

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If you work for a company, organization or a school district, you will most likely end up dealing with some level of Xerox troubleshooting. Although, the complicated stuff is left up to the Xerox servicing team, local IT staff will be responsible for setting up scan to email, workflow scanning etc. Most of the functions on the Xerox 5955, 5945, 5865 etc. are self explanatory. Then there are the painstaking ones such as Xerox scan to network, which I will get into in just a minute.

I have spent many hours trying to get Xerox workflow scanning to work on a school network. In the end, I finally got it! I found the issue was in the path setting. However, I couldn’t find the right path setting even after a search on Google. So I am writing this article for anyone who is in the same boat and wish to save some time troubleshooting.

Xerox Network Scanning Setup

Xerox workflow scanning is a very useful feature in that you can setup multiple templates for different users of your organization. Everyone can have their own individual folders on the network and scan into that folder.

First, you want to login to your Xerox admin panel. You can access it by typing the Xerox machine’s IP address into any web browser. After you login, you want to navigate to Xerox Workflow Scanning and file repository setup as shown below.

Xerox File Repository Setup

In the Xerox file repository setup page, you want to give your setup a friendly name. Next choose SMB and choose the IPv4 address configuration. You can see my setup below, I used port 445 for my SMB setup. Port 445 supports SMB over TCP.  Next you will want to list your root shared folder name. For example, my root shared folder is “Shared”. For user authentication, you want to choose system and enter your domain login information. Be sure to give this domain user access permissions to the shared folders. Your Xerox file repository setup is now complete and you can save changes.

Xerox Network Scanning

Making Xerox  Scan To Network Templates

If multiple users in your organization would like to scan to their own folders on the network then you would want to create a separate xerox scan to network templates for each user. You can easily set this up by navigating to the scan section of the xerox web admin panel. Here you will need to create a new scan to network template for each of your users.

scan template xerox

You can give the templates the user’s name for stress free identification. Here I have a sample template created for Tech.  File destination will be the file repository, we created earlier. The document path is where it gets tricky. If you have created different shared folders for each user, you will specify that here. As you can see below, my root “Shared” folder is contained with in the “Test” file destination and it remains unchanged. I simply add the document path that follows after my root folder in the Add (optional) section. Below you can see I have given techs access to the scans folder contained within the root “Shared” folder. The IP address and the root Shared folder is already defined during the file repository setup, so i didn’t have to list it here. You can now save changes, congratulations you have created a scan to network template for your first user. Simply, repeat the same template creation method for each additional user.

Xerox Scan to Network Setup

This method should be the same or similar for most Xerox WorkCentre machines including these models 5955, 5945 and 5865. I hope this article was helpful and saved you some frustration associated with setting up Xerox network scanning. Thank you for visiting and be sure to comment below with your questions and concerns.

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