Top Tech Gifts for Guys, 6 Most Affordable Tech Gifts for Men

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top tech gifts for guys

What are some of the top tech gifts for guys? The best tech gifts for men aren’t necessarily the most expensive that you have to shell out a lot of cash. As an IT guy myself, I prefer the most useful things rather than the latest and most exceptional items. So for you ladies and gentlemen out there who are searching for the best gifts to get a tech guy, please keep it simple and carefully review the items in this post. My goal is not to list 75 tech gifts for men and confuse you like some other websites but rather list a few of the top and most useful tech gifts for men.

6 Top Tech Gifts for Guys

SSD’s (Solid State Drives)

Making number one on the list is an SSD (Solid State Drive) because I don’t know a single tech guy who cannot make use of one in this day and age for fast & resilient data storage. You may get SSD’s in varying sizes and brands, but here is the one recommended by your IT blogger. Please remember that getting higher capacities will double your dollar. Most of us are often satisfied with the 256GB-512GB range. Most guys will use this to replace an old hard drive on their laptop or breathe some new life into an old PC. Some also use it as a high capacity USB drive on the go. These Solid State hard drives are convenient to store readily used software & backups! Do yourself a favor and also grab this USB to SATA adapter if they will be using the SSD as an external storage device on the go.

High Capacity (USB Flash Drives)

Flash drives are the most affordable and one of the top tech gifts for guys. I will link to another post of mine where I do a complete review of the best flash drives. You can read my post on that here (Best USB Flash Drives). USB Flash Drives have come down in price, and now you can get several gigabytes of storage in a tiny flash drive, these are very nice and useful gifts to get for IT guys. Most guys prefer a solid metal flash drive that they can put on their key chain, as shown below.

Vertical Mouse (Ergonomic Design)

While selecting the top tech gifts for guys, please also keep their comfort in mind. If you are getting the tech gift for a power computer user, most likely they can use an ergonomically designed mouse. Hours of clicking & dragging with a traditional mouse can cause repetitive stress injury overtime. A vertical mouse is a perfect solution for a power computer user, it allows you to position your hand vertically which eliminates pain and cramping. Trust me, I have one of these myself, and they are lifesavers.

Smart Plugs (Control Your Devices Remotely)

Most men would love smart plugs as a technology gift as it allows them to power On/Off devices from anywhere they have a cell signal. You can also save quite a bit of energy by setting schedules to power down your home theater receivers, lights, cable boxes, etc. I use it to put my plant & aquarium lights on a timer. These are also handy when you want to turn on lights in your home before you arrive late at night from a trip. I prefer the Wemo plugs because of their ease of use and seamless integration with Alexa.

Smart Locks (Keyless Entry)

Because which IT guy wouldn’t like their IT room or man cave secured with keyless entry? It keeps your tech devices secured from little kids and even pets. Here is a simple and affordable keyless lock system that comes with a battery backup. I love that it doesn’t contain lithium batteries, which can be costly to replace. The lock, as well as the battery backup during an emergency, uses traditional (AAA) batteries.

Smart Remote Control (Simple All-In-One Remote)

Smart remote control is a handy tech gift for men. An intelligent remote takes care of turning on all of your entertainment devices at once, including, receivers, cable boxes, etc. You can set up activities in the app, so let’s say you want to watch TV, it will automatically turn on the correct devices and automatically changes the inputs for that particular task.

The Harmony remote is very affordable and comes in a package that includes the receiver to get you set up. Once all is set up, you can even control your home audio/video devices through your smartphone or tablet.

When you are not sure what to get, and the top tech gifts for guys list above doesn’t align with your needs, get him an Amazon Gift Card. You cannot go wrong with that idea! Or, better yet, give the gift of Amazon Prime! I promise you, a tech guy, cannot resist either of these ideas.

Thank you for visiting Tech Really, If you have other affordable gift ideas for a tech guy please drop a comment below. I enjoy reading other’s suggestions and helps out our readers as well.