Surface Won’t Boot, Stuck On Microsoft Surface Logo

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Have you turned your Surface 3 or Surface 4 tablet on just to find out your Surface won’t boot? Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft surface is an awesome device but still it is running Microsoft Windows and you are bound to have problems. Microsoft Surface freezing on startup can be so frustrating especially if you are at work or a meeting where a tech isn’t availabe to help you. Here are some quick tips to fix your Microsoft Surface from freezing during startup.

Surface Won't Boot

Help! My Surface Won’t Boot!

Before I tell you how to fix your Surface won’t boot problem, I will give you some prevention tips for the future. My first tip for you is to shut down your Microsoft Surface only after all of the Microsoft Windows updates are completed. Many times, I find that users don’t shut down their Microsoft Surface properly or do a hard shut down without finishing Microsoft Windows updates. Microsoft specifically warns users not to perform a hard shutdown without finishing up the Windows Updates. Doing so, sometimes causes it to go out on a loop and not start Windows at all the next time your turn it on. I find that this issue is more common in Windows 8 with so many updates being released all the time.

Ok! so stop babbling away and tell me how to fix “my surface won’t boot” problem.

If you are stuck at the surface logo, press and hold the volume up button and press power at the same time to shut it down and again press and hold volume up button and power to turn it back on. Don’t release the buttons until you see some progress.  If it takes you to your computer’s bios settings simply save changes and quit. After restarting, you should see the Surface logo as well as the spinning icon underneath. Your Microsoft Surface should now boot up properly and configure any installed or uninstalled updates. If this method didn’t work during the first time, try it out a few more times. If your Surface still won’t boot then you may need to recover it using  a USB recovery media – See tips on how to create a USB recovery media for your Surface.

I hope these tips have helped you in getting back to business and using your Surface 3 or Surface 4 again. Leave a comment below and let me know if you guy’s have run into similar problems with your Microsoft Surface and how you have fixed it. Thanks, for visiting Tech Really and have a wonderful day.

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