Smart board Software, Whiteboard Limited Functionality Error

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The introduction of the Smart Board and the Smart Board Software to classrooms has been a blessing to students and teachers alike. Teachers can say good bye to regular chalk boards and the mess associated with them. Although smart boards are a great piece of technology for every class room, they also come with many bugs and problems of their own. Some teachers are also reverting back to old chalk board technology because of this. Here I wish to talk about one of such smart board software issues and how easy it is to it. If you are reading this, you may have run into the smart board software error “This SMART Board interactive whiteboard has limited functionality”. As a technology staff by profession, I often run into these errors myself.

This is a simple situation to solve, I’ve had experience with the SPNL-6065 smart board which is a quite nice interactive flat panel smart board. Upon installing the SMART 14 software, I’ve noticed that I had a yellow indicator by the system tray and when I clicked on it to see more options, I was able to see the error message above.

Fixing Smart Board Software Limited Functionality Error

Here you can see my Smart board was properly detected, however I still got the “this smart board interactive whiteboard has limited functionality” error.


If you ran into this problem with the SPNL-6065 model after installing the SMART software, all you need to do is reset the device by pressing the following button. It is the first button which I circled in the image below. It is a crescent moon symbol, press and hold it so that your smart board resets. Be sure to have it plugged into your computer with a USB cable prior to doing this. I am assuming you also have the Smart board software installed and smart board service is running. Once your Smart board comes back on, your computer should detect it properly and you should no longer have the limited functionality error message. You will now be able to proceed with orienting the Smart white board. If you are still having issues, try restarting the computer or reinstalling the software. I also found Smart Notebook 15 to work better with this panel.

smart board software

I hope my Smart Board software solution was usefully for you in fixing your problem.  Thank you for visiting my blog, I will continue to bring you quality tech subjects, the ones which we face in the real world. If you wish for me to talk about specific subjects please be sure to leave a comment below.

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