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My unbiased SiteGround review from personal experiences. I have been using SiteGround Web Hosting services for over 3 years now and I am completely satisfied with their service. They are simply the best web hosting provider I have ever used. There are a few important things that I look for while selecting a web hosting provider. Some of them include latest & upbeat technology, speed & reliability, up-time, technical & general support, automated backup services, free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support & Affordability. I am happy to say SiteGround fits the bill for all of the above.  There aren’t many web hosting providers out there that can excel in all of these departments. Here is a result of the 2018-2019 web hosting survey showing just that.

Top Web Hosting Providers 2019

SiteGround Technology Review

When it comes to the latest technology, SiteGround doesn’t disappoint. They have the most up to date PHP versions available. You can switch (PHP) versions with a click of a button in the CPanel. SiteGround gives you free (SSL) services through “Let’s Encrypt” which means your websites will meet today’s security standards without too much hassle. They also provide Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free which means your sites will load quickly no matter where in the world you are located.

Here are a few other ways SiteGround uses the latest technology to protect your websites.

  • Latest IDS/IPS intrusion prevention systems in place.
  • Up to date security rules via ModSecurity
  • Apache running in a Chrooted setting

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SiteGround Review for Speed, Reliability & Uptime

SiteGround is excellent when it comes to speed, reliability and uptime. I am hosting my Tech Really blog at SiteGround. Take a look at this very blog for example, pages load super fast and uptime is kept up as promised. I have yet to see this blog go down for any reason other than my own mishaps.

Here are the reasons why website up-time should not be taken lightly.

  • Uptime increases user satisfaction. People will enjoy returning to your blog or website (direct traffic).
  • It improves user engagement and reduces bounce rate. You will have higher chances of generating sales.
  • It may improve your search engine rankings which will bring increased advertiser revenue.

According to, SiteGround holds top ranks for up-time (99.99%) and speeds (715ms). Below are the numbers showing SiteGround’s uptime from the past six months. As you can see these results don’t disappoint and you can rely on this Web Host to keep your visitors happy.

siteground hosting speed

Reliable Automated Backups & Support

SiteGround provides free backup services for all of your website files and databases. I am forever indebted to their backup services. They have saved my butt multiple times from faulty updates to un-wanted theme customizations. Backup services are similar to insurance policies, you don’t appreciate it till you are in trouble. How many times have you made changes to your website, settings or even posts, only wanting to revert it all back with a single click? With SiteGround’s backup service, it is as easy as logging into your CPanel and picking a restore point.

What I love about SiteGround backup service:

  • Ease of Use –  their backup tool located within the CPanel is very easy to use! you can do it yourself! you don’t need to contact the support desk ever!
  • Multiple Restore Points – Backups are done nightly, multiple points of Website & Database restores are possible.

SiteGround online chat support is always available even if you are up and working late at night!

They are quick! you won’t spend too much time waiting in the queue of support tickets. SiteGround staff is very knowledgeable in all matters including scripting/databases issues etc. Sometimes they go out of their way to help with your website problems. The SiteGround knowledge base is also a quick way to find answers to many of your questions.


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SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans


  • Best for Websites or Blogs that are just getting started.

  • – up to 10,000 visits per month
  • – 10 Gigabytes of storage space provided
  • – Only a single website can be hosted (no ad-on domains)
  • – Free email accounts, CMS Install & unlimited data transfer


  • Best for Websites or Blogs that are in the growth phase.

  • – up to 25,000 visits per month
  • – 20 Gigabytes of storage space
  • – Unlimited websites can be hosted via ad-on domains
  • – Free email, CMS installation & unlimited data transfer


SiteGround Cloud & Dedicated Hosting

SiteGround also provides cloud and dedicated hosting for your business needs. Their prices are reasonable and the servers are “spec’d” out to handle heavy-duty tasks. Plans and configurations may change drastically from time to time so I will link to these pages instead of posting the information and prices here.

As a SiteGround user myself, I can honestly vouch for their service and support. I speak from experience because I have tested many web hosting companies out there today. However, I do not wish to bash any specific company in this post. Things just work with SiteGround so you can spend more of your time working on content rather than fixing issues with the back-end. If you have an existing website or blog, SiteGround will at your request, transfer your website for free. You must be signed up with at least a GrowBig plan to take advantage of this free transfer.

Sign Up with SiteGround today and start your own Website or Blog!

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If you would like a step by step guide on signing up and configuring your account with SiteGround, please follow my article here (Link Coming Soon).