5 Best Receipts Scan Apps for Mobile, Manage Receipts Apps

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What are some of the best receipts scan apps to scan receipts and manage them on the go?

We have all been in a situation where we wanted to scan business receipts or job travel receipts, but there was no easy way to do so. Taking a picture of the receipt with your phone would add it to your Photo library, but then you are co-mingling it with personal photos. Also, there is no way to manage, label, and differentiate them from the rest of your photos.

Thanks to these top receipts scan apps for your mobile, we no longer face this problem. You can quickly scan and manage business receipts and work receipts on the go.

Best Receipts Scan Apps for Mobile

Here are ten of the best receipt scanning apps for mobile. The following curated list contains the best receipts scanning apps that provide user-friendliness, advanced functionalities such as Optical character recognition (OCR), and ease of scanned receipt management.

expensify best receipt tracking apps

1. Expensify

Expensify is one of the best receipts scan apps out there. Although it is a paid app with a lot more features, you can use it five times a month for free. Expensify is well worth the upgrade to the Pro version for just $4.99 a month. You can use Expensify for tracking business receipts, as well as storing them indefinitely. Another great feature of Expensify is that you can forward the receipts straight to your work or managers via the app.

Here is a complete breakdown of Expensify’s advanced features.

  • Unlimited SmartScans
  • Next-Day Reimbursements
  • Credit Cards & Banks Import
  • Track & Search through your expenses
  • Share expenses straight from the mobile app
  • Track GPS mileage (great for business travelers)
  • Track your taxes (great for tracking business expenses during tax time)

Businesses can upgrade to Expensify’s group plan, which allows for more advanced features. Business versions allow for admin oversight and control. Here is the full list of features Expensify provides.

Download Expensify: Android Users | IOS (Apple Users)

2. Smart Receipts

Mobile Receipts App

Smart Receipts is a fantastic and free receipt scanning app for businesses as well as individual users. It has many usage scenarios, such as tracking business expenses, rental properties, keeping track of medical receipts, or even personal payments.

Smart Receipts app is excellent for small business owners or even corporate employers who need to track employee’s expenses.

Below are some of the quick features of the Smart Receipts mobile app.

  • Smart Receipts is free with some ads to support the project
  • Import Receipts added to your phone’s photo gallery
  • Easily tag photos to locate them in the future
  • O.C.R scan & Mileage Tracking
  • PDF report feature – Export your receipts to a PDF document
  • Manual & Automatic Backups of your data

The free version has advertisements that are not too bothersome.

Download Smart Receipts: Android | IOS (Apple)

If you need advanced features, you can upgrade to Smart Receipts Plus, which is available for download on Android and IOS.

 Download Smart Receipts Plus: Android | IOS (Apple)

3. Wave Receipts

wave receipts best receipts scanning app

Receipts by Wave is a free app to scan and track your receipts during personal or business trips. Create your free account on the Wave Apps website to get started. We especially like the Wave receipt app’s clean graphical user interface. It is an amicable and intuitive receipts app for mobile. 

Best of all, the Wave Receipts app keeps your data in the cloud, so you never have to worry about your lost data on the phone.

Below are some of the Wave Receipts plus points.

  • Free Accounting (unlimited bank connections, collaborators, income and expense tracking)
  • Free Invoicing (invoicing in multiple currencies, professional invoicing templates, quick estimates)
  • Free receipt tracking (take a receipt picture even offline)
  • Cloud data storage (a great feature if you lose or damage your phone)

Wave Receipts Download: Android | IOS (Apple)

4. ABUKAI Expenses

Abukai Expenses Receipts Scan

Abukai Expenses is an excellent work receipt tracking app for your mobile, that has some fantastic mileage and revenue monitoring features. For example, you can track your work mileage by merely taking a picture of your car’s odometer, a handwritten note, or even a map point.

Abukai Expenses makes mobile receipts tracking a breeze by incorporating three easy to follow steps.

  1. Take a picture of your receipt
  2. Tap “Process expenses report” button in the Abukai app
  3. Receive your completed report via Email

Abukai Expenses Download: Android | IOS (Apple)

5. Genius Scanner

Genius Scanner receipts


Genius Scanner by “The Grizzly Labs” is another neat receipts scanner for your mobile phone that offers paid as well as free options. Advertisements support the Genius Scanner free app. 

Paid versions branch out into Genius Scanner Plus and Genius Scanner Cloud.

The cloud version keeps your data in their secure cloud storage. The main benefit of the cloud version subscription is that your data remains synced no matter what devices you are using.

However, we recommend the paid plus version as it offers more export options such as FTP, DropBox, Google, OneDrive, Print, Fax, etc. without the ongoing subscription fee. The Plus version also gives you more control over your data.

With the Genius Scanner app, you can export your scanned receipts in either JPEG or PDF formats. You can also secure your PDF documents with a password.

Genius Scanner Download: Android | IOS (Apple)

Nowadays, keeping everything digital is key to avoiding a lot of headaches and clutter. Keeping receipts in digital format can make your life a whole lot simpler, and not only that, but it also leaves a paper trail for future retrieval. Thanks to the receipts scan apps above, we can easily manage our work expenses and travel receipts on the go.