Rackspace Interview Questions, Rackspace Phone Screen

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If you are reading this article you must be an IT guy looking for employment with Rackspace or a College student lining up their potential employment opportunities. In either case, Rackspace is a wonderful company to work for, it is also one of the hardest to get inside. Recently I was screened by a wonderful recruiter from Rackspace, she asked me some basic questions and informed me that I would need my CCNA certification to qualify for the Network Security Administrator position. For those of you who are applying to Rackspace, I want to share with you some of the common Rackspace Interview questions to prepare for as well as some tips.Rackspace Interview Questions

Tips Before Applying for a Job at Rackspace Hosting

Before you apply to Rackspace, complete all your educational requirements and certifications. Most of the Computer Networking jobs would need you to complete the Cisco Certified Network certification to be eligible. Do not be discouraged if you don’t have relevant work experience in the technology field. Unlike a lot of other tech companies, Rackspace will give new college graduates a chance without previous IT work experience as long as you have your certifications.

Here is another positive tip for those of you who are relocating, Rackspace will conduct multiple phone interviews and will fly you out to their place for a final interview. If you are offered the job they will assist you with your moving process. If you are expecting to get job here then you can really scope out the place and find out about the nearest schools, hospitals etc.

The last tip I have for you before applying to Rackspace is to learn as much as possible about the company, product lines and business strategy. Learn all about fanatical support and what it means, it will help you out during the phone screen process. If you have a phone screen scheduled the tips below will help you out.

Rackspace Interview Questions

Rackspace interview questions will vary depending on the position that you are applying for.  Here are some of the common interview questions which everyone can expect from Rackspace. What are your greatest strengths? What is your weakness? Why do you want to work for Rackspace? How did you hear about us? Do you use any of our products?

Here are some of the technical questions that you can expect if you are applying for any Computer Networking or Linux positions. Be prepared to answer any questions regarding your background and work experiences dealing with network equipment as well.

Questions about the common port numbers: FTP – 21, SSH – 22, Telnet – 23, DNS – 53, SNMP – 161 requests, 162 notifications & MYSQL – 3306

Questions about LAMP Stack, What is it? LAMP Stack – That simply means using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP as your Operating System, Web Server, Database, and Programming Language respectively. All together is called a stack.

What is the difference between Telnet & SSH? The main difference is that SSH encrypts data and telnet sends plain text.

What is IPsec? IPsec is a set of encryption protocols for Virtual Private Network communications. AH is authentication header  protects the IP header and ESP protects the data

  • If you are applying for a Software Developer position with them, you can expect to be questioned on the following topics including Java, OOP, threads, abstracts, Linux commands, reverse string etc. Have a thorough understanding about design patterns and data modeling. You should also expect questions on your work history and previous projects.

Rackspace is a wonderful place to work for, employees of Rackspace are often known as “Rackers”. It is also a great first job that will give any new graduate a lot of hands on experience. Working for Rackspace has great benefits in addition to doing something that you love, these include health insurance, dental & vision plans, life insurance, company matching 401 K plans, flexible working hours, fitness center and even $200 toward your own Cloud network space. If you are interested in learning more about open positions with Rackspace web hosting please see http://jobs.rackspace.com/