Fix Permission Error In Ubuntu, Partitioning With Gparted

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Partition Ubuntu hard drive‚ recently I had to split my 160 GB hard drive into 4 units. One primary partition for my Ubuntu installation‚ One for my Ubuntu swap partition and two logical partitions. One logical partition was formatted with the EXT4 file system and the other was NTFS.

Partitioning a hard drive is great if you want to install another operating system or if you wish to keep your important data safe in its own drive. If something were to happen to the drive which you are running the operating system on‚ your data on other partitions would still be safe. I wanted to keep my VirtualBox disk images on its own drive.fix write permission error ubuntu

Another advantage to partitioning your hard drive is that Ubuntu can read and write to the NTFS file system. Windows can’t read or write to the EXT file system. This means‚ you can keep files in the NTFS formatted drive which could be accessed from both Windows and Ubuntu operating systems in a dual boot setting.

You can partition Ubuntu hard drives quite easily using the GParted software. Simply, install the GParted software then create‚ delete or edit partitions through a simple to use graphical user interface. You can install the GParted software via the Ubuntu Software Center or through a command line interface. Here is the command to install the GParted software if you chose to go the commands route.

Sudo apt-get install gparted

After creating the partition using GParted‚ I wasn’t able to write to the partition. If you are getting write permission errors after partitioning a hard drive‚ this is because you are not the root user. You can give the current logged in user read and write permissions via the following commands.

sudo chown -R yourusername /path/foldername
chmod -R 755 /path/foldername

The chown -R username commands sets the owner and the group stays the same. So far, I am really enjoying using Ubuntu as my main operating system, it seems to be far stable than windows while using less resources. I also enjoy learning new things and commands on a daily basis unlike Windows, which gets boring over the course of time. I am using the awesome HP DC7900 computer purchase deal I’ve got from Amazon to run Ubuntu smoothly. I hope these tips helped you partition Ubuntu hard drives without any confusion. If you enjoy reading my posts‚ be sure to spread the word and share it on social media websites.

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