Class not registered Chrome.exe, Fixing Google Chrome errors

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If you are an information technology person, you will someday run into the class not registered Chrome error. If you work for a school then the teachers may think their “class is not registered” ironically this can throw you off as a tech person. This was the situation I was in recently.

Class not registered Chrome.exe

First off, this is a Google chrome application error. This apparently manifests to all chrome shortcuts and links if Google Chrome is your default web browser. Things I’ve tried to fix this issue without success include setting internet explorer as the default browser and then reversing to chrome, manually editing the shortcuts to point to chrome and a few other methods some have suggested.

Here is one other method that worked for some but didn’t work in my case. For this, you will need to open a command prompt window in administrator mode, here are some instructions on how to open the elevated command prompt. Once open, type the below commands in, one line at a time and hitting “enter” after each command. Windows will ask you for confirmation and you can type “Y” to proceed. This is a temporary fix to the problem but as chrome upgrades, you may end up back in the same mess that you were in before.

chrome not found error
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fix the issue despite trying many things but I was able to find a work around for it. If you need a permanent fix, I suggest you re-image the computer that is affected. If you are in a pinch and don’t have the time to work on it right away then do the work around or a system restore.

Google Chrome “Class Not Registered” Quick Workaround

Doing a system restore is by far the easiest method to fix this problem. You can try a system restore and restore your computer to a working state. If not, the alternative is to use Chrome Canary. Chrome Canary is a work in progress and may contain a few bugs but I didn’t run into any problems with it while web browsing, email etc. You can download the web browser through their main page at Chrome Canary. Once Google Canary is installed, you may have to set it as your default program for web documents by going to: Start Menu > Default programs.

If you can copy all of your important files over to a different hard drive and reinstall the Operating system, updates etc. then that is your best option. I hope I was able to help you out somehow with this problem. If you guy’s have run into similar problems, comment below and let me know how you’ve handled it. Thanks for visiting.