Best WordPress Mobile Themes, MyThemeShop Review & Optimizations

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The world is rapidly going mobile and your site must keep up with the changes or you will risk loosing visitors to your website. If you are running WordPress blogs and are looking for  the best WordPress Mobile themes then you have came to the right place. Although, you will be able to find many free WordPress mobile themes out there, the free themes just don’t cut it. They lack many features that a paid theme can offer such as customization and support. Paid themes play well with your mobile users and they often have many built-in features that you will need plugins to obtain in a free theme. And we all know too many plugins can slow your website down and cause more issues down the line.

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Best WordPress Mobile Themes

The best WordPress mobile themes, just like anything, are the ones you make an investment into. There are many paid WordPress theme companies out there that you can try out but I have already done the homework for you. Here are the top 5 things you want to look for in a paid WordPress theme provider.

  • Quality of Support ( How responsive are the staff to their users requests?)
  • Theme Customization (Can i fit that logo where I need?)
  • Mobile Friendliness ( Does  my website flow well no matter what device it is viewed on?)
  • Performance Benchmarks (Does my site score well in Pingdom tests? Is it optimized for Google PageSpeed?)
  • Quick Updates (Is my theme actively updated to support upcoming WordPress versions?)

MyThemeShop Review

A WordPress theme provider that satisfies all of the above is MyThemeShop. I have been with them for quite sometime and I am very happy with their themes as well as their quick support. As you can see for yourself Tech Really uses the “Blogging” theme from MyThemeShop. You can browse around this website to see how responsive it is on your device as well as how fast each page loads. MyThemeShop offers many great quality themes to suit all of your blogging needs weather it is just plain blogging, eCommerce, Magazine, socially viral content etc. They also have some very good free themes available if you would like to get your feet wet before making a purchase.

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MyThemeShop Themes & Why I Recommend Them?

There are many reasons why I recommend MyThemeShop themes, one being they are well coded. They have put a lot of effort into their themes speed and performance on all devices. They also allow for the following perks in their themes so that you don’t have to use external plugins to achieve them.

best wordpress mobile themes

  • Built-in Ad-Management (Google Adsense friendly layout)
  • Page Optimizations (quicker page loading & pre-fetching)
  • Many useful plugins (already included in your MythemeShop membership)
  • Custom CSS options (easily configurable through their plugin control panel without using any code)
  • Shortcodes (make your text and excerpts pop with a variety of shortcodes)
  • Google Fonts (eye-popping premium fonts for your website)

There are many more reasons to love MyThemeShop, simply too many positives to list in one blog post. I have been a blogger for many years and I have used many premium themes over the years. I can assure that you will not be disappointed with MyThemeShop themes, they are simply beautiful.

More Reasons to use MyThemeShop Themes

If you are not yet convinced yet, here are some more reasons to use MythemeShop themes. The best WordPress mobile themes do not have to be the most expensive.

If you are interested in getting started with MyThemeShop, you may use my affiliate below to start an account with them. Please note that I may receive a commission if you were to use my link and I thank you.

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MyThemeShop Supports Rich Snippets, Who doesn’t love them?

Rich Snippets are basically data markups that allows SERPS to get a better understanding of your content. They are often shown next to or below a search in Google. They make your posts stand out in search engines which can land you more visitors. You can see an example of rich snippets below.

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There are many WordPress mobile themes out there but MyThemeShop beats them all. Once applied, this theme will look beautiful on your mobile devices & desktop computers. Now you can focus on what is more important and that is to create amazing content!

My goal is to grow Tech Really from the ground up without any kind of advertising or outsourcing. Using MyThemeShop will help me do just that, a lot of the SEO, design work and plugins that i would have to normally pay for are already built-into this theme. My goal is to reach at least 30,000 visitors by the end of this year without any additional costs other than for hosting. I hope this article was informative for you, thank you for visiting and see you on the next post.