5 Best USB Flash Drives, Reliable USB Flash Drive Choices

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A list of the five best USB Flash Drives that you can purchase in 2019. If you work in the Information Technology field or any field for that matter, you should always keep with you a USB flash drive.

A flash drive is something that you only wish you had on hand when the need arises. Even though everything is in the cloud these days, the convenience a USB flash drive provides cannot be beaten. It would take longer for you to log into an online backup and access the content, including Google drive. Sometimes, you even have to download the data first to edit it. You do not need to do any of these if you carry around a USB flash drive,  just plug-it-in and you are ready to go!

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Reliable USB Flash Drive Choices

First I would like to begin with, there is no such thing as one hundred percent reliable USB flash drive.

No USB flash drive in this world is meant for data redundancy – It is simply used for data transport while on the go!

You should always have a copy of your data backed up elsewhere, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also do what I did and build yourself a home (RAID) server for data backup. If you don’t want to build a full blow backup system, simply get yourself a (NAS) Network Attached Storage box. You can buy a (NAS) storage device diskless (you will buy your own disks) or with disks.

Even the best USB flash drive should only be used for data that you need immediately but a backup of that drive should be kept somewhere else at least weekly.

However, not all USB flash drives can be trusted even for backing up data on the go, some are considerably durable than others. Here are some of the most reliable and best USB flash drives from our extended work usage.

5 Best USB Flash Drives to Buy

Here are the 5 best USB flash drives that withstood the course of time, Starting with the best.

1. USB Flash Drives by Eaget

Eaget is a company that doesn’t stand out when it comes to the USB flash drive business. From our testing, they make one of the most durable USB Flash drives around. Flash drives made by Eaget are not only reliable but highly durable due to their metal chassis. This is the USB thumb drive you would want to buy to keep it on that keychain!

Now you can get this drive in USB Type-C as well for your MacBook – (Eaget USB Type-C Duo Flash Drive)

2. USB Flash Drives by SanDisk

SanDisk is a top-rated USB flash drive manufacturer. Their flash drives are widely used in the world today. We’ve had great success with their drives, and we have one yet to fail. They also hold better compatibility amongst devices such as Chromebooks (while creating recovery volumes) etc.

If you want to step up your game with SanDisk drives then please go ahead with the SanDisk Extreme Flash Drives – they offer much faster read and write speeds.

If you are getting the USB flash drive for a new Mac (MacBook Pro) etc. please go with the Type-C SanDisk version here.

3. USB Flash Drives by Kingston

Kingston drives are very affordable and reliable at the same time. Some of the pros include the five-year warranty and the ability to customize the branding.

If you want to step up the game, get yourself an Encrypted Kingston Data Traveler version which includes a 256Bit Vault for security.

If you are in a Mac & Windows environment constantly then please purchase the following (Kingston Data Traveler Duo) which includes USB-Type-C connectivity.

4. USB Flash Drives by Corsair

If you want something very cool looking and has a watertight seal then go with the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth. These drives can withstand anything especially if you are working in harsh environments, backpacking, etc.

5. USB Flash Drives by Samsung

Samsung is a pioneer in flash memory, and their flash drives are known for their impressive read/write speeds. Here is a very nice flash drive you can pick for little to nothing.

Be sure to pick up the Samsung Duo Plus flash drive if you have a newer Macbook. This drive has a USB Type-C connector on one side.

No matter which USB flash drive you buy on this list, you can always get a (USB to USB Type-C Adapter) so if you like a particular drive that doesn’t have USB Type-C do not worry.

There is no reason not to have a flash drive on your key chain these days as you can get gigabytes worth of storage for dirt cheap. Not all USB flash drives are made equal, even the largest manufacturers of USB flash drives can score poorly when it comes to reliability of their drives. We have tried many USB Flash drives out there for an extended period to come up with these top 5 best USB flash drives list.

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