Best Ubuntu Apps, The Most Useful Ubuntu Applications

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The more I use Ubuntu the more I hate Windows. Unlike Windows, the Ubuntu operating system itself comes pre-installed with basic applications such as LibreOffice and Firefox Web Browser. I no longer have to purchase applications that I really need, the Ubuntu community have an excellent open source software base. There are tons of applications out there for Ubuntu but here are the most useful Ubuntu applications that will always come in handy. These are applications that I personally use on a daily basis as well. If you have a favorite application that did not make the best Ubuntu apps list, you can comment on the article below.

6 of The Best Ubuntu Apps

Here are six of the best Ubuntu Applications for your newly installed Ubuntu operating system. The quality the following apps were tested in Ubuntu version 12.04 LTS version prior to posting this article. All of the applications listed here ran without a hitch in the “Precise Pangolin”.

Gparted Ubuntu

First on my list is GParted, it is a hard drive partitioning tool for Ubuntu. Using GParted, you can quickly create, edit and delete hard disk partitions. Read about the benefits of partitioning  your hard drive in an older post I wrote here.

Shutter Ubuntu

Second on my list is Shutter, Shutter is a print screen utility for Ubuntu. You can easily capture parts of the screen, open windows or your entire desktop. Many of the images in this article certainly wouldn’t be possible without this great tool.

VLC ubuntu

Third on my list is VLC Media Player, VLC is the perfect application for video viewing and music playing. VLC comes integrated with all the codecs needed to play your video and audio files. This media player will also play all of your DVD’s and Blue-Ray movies. You can even do advanced tasks such as TV viewing through a capture device, streaming videos from network servers etc.

Remmina ubuntu

Fourth on my list of the best Ubuntu apps include Remmina Remote Desktop Client. Remmina is a remote desktop utility for Ubuntu which you can use to remote into Windows machines and others. I personally use it to remote into my home server running Windows Server 2008 R2. Remmina supports the following protocols VNC, RDP, SSH, NX and XDMCP.

Gimp Ubuntu

The fifth on my list of the best Ubuntu apps include the GIMP image editor. Just when I was feeling sad to have left my Adobe Photoshop in Windows. I was able to quickly find a replacement via Ubuntu Software Center. The best part of it was that I didn’t have to pay a penny for it. I love open source software! GIMP will manage all of your basic image editing tasks. I use it on a daily basis to edit images for my blogs.

Minitube Ubuntu

Finally one of my favorite applications of all, MiniTube makes the sixth best Ubuntu apps list. This applications brings YouTube to your desktop, similar to an app for the cell phone right on your Ubuntu Desktop. You can quickly browse YouTube, share videos or subscribe to channels. If you are using the Ubuntu Software Center to search for MiniTube be sure to pick the one marked (minitube-ubuntu). The version that comes up on the search first has some major bugs to be worked out. You may have to sign up for an Ubuntu One account prior to downloading this version of MiniTube.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article  on the best Ubuntu Apps around. I hope these apps were useful to you and simplified your life a little. For more great articles like this one, be sure to subscribe to my blog.