Best Chromebook Cart & Storage – Kensington AC Charge Station & AC12 Charging Cabinet Review

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Kensington Universal AC Charge Station & AC12 Charging Cabinet Review

Chromebooks are now an integral part of every student’s classroom life. Most schools are pushing for the one-to-one policy which puts a Chromebook in every student’s hand. State testing for students are also now conducted through their respective apps on Chromebooks. Although, Chromebooks are now everywhere, the storage options for them are still somewhat limited. I have seen very few Chromebook storage options in the market that are cost effective, well built and provides convenience for everyday classroom use. So when Kensington offered to send our school two different types of Chromebook storage options for review, I was thrilled. I appreciate it when manufacturers take their time to listen to their customers and use that data to improve their product line. I was introduced to Kensington through our educational reseller CDWG.

Our review items included the Kensington Universal AC Charge Station – Cabinet Unit & the Kensington AC12 Security Charging Cabinet Unit. Both units differ in their usage, the Kensington Universal AC Charge Station is a fixed solution that provides Chromebook storage for classrooms. The AC12 charging cabinet or chrome cart allows for mobility from classroom to classroom.

Kensington Universal AC Charge Station Review

(MFG. Part: K62878NA)

The Kensington Universal AC Charge Station provides storage for 12 Tablets/Notebooks up to 14 inches. Our 14 inch Lenovo N42-20 Touch Chromebooks fit in the slots perfectly. These units are very built (steel construction) and have a premium feel to them. The cable management is also great and keeps dangling cables out of sight. The power adapter inside provides surge protection for all devices. Our teachers had wonderful things to say about this product, they used the following keywords to describe this product.

  • Space Saving Design
  • Awesome Cable Management
  • Secure & Lockable (with added purchase of the lock & cover)

I will be looking into purchasing more of these units in the near future from Kensington’s educational resellers. Below are some of the detailed pictures of the products that I’ve took for this review.

kensington chromebook charging station

Kensington Universal AC Charge Station

Here are the direct purchase links for the AC charging unit from Kensington

CDWG –  Kensington AC Lock & Charge Station

Amazon – Kensington Universal Tablet and Laptop AC Lock & Charge Station (K62880NA)


Here are the direct purchase links for the Lock Cover for the Universal AC Chromebook Charging station.

CDWG – Kensington Locking Door for Universal AC Charge Station

Amazon – Kensington Locking Door – AC Charge Station

Kensington AC12 Security Charging Cabinet Review

(MFG. Part: K64415NA)

The AC12 security charging cabinet unit from Kensington is a budget friendly solution for Chromebook storage and mobility. The AC12 can hold 12 – 14 inch Chromebooks/Notebooks perfectly. They are also easy to move around from classroom to classroom. You can keep cable management very tidy on these carts and they are easy to manage as well. All side and back panels of the cart are removable so cable feeding is a struggle free experience. I wish more Chromebook mobile cart manufacturers would do the same. The AC12 comes with two secure lock keys – this is great! so IT can keep a key and give the other one out to the teacher. I am not sure if Kensington has a bigger cart for around the same price range but our teachers love this unit. I wish Kensington would make a 24 device version of the same model in the near future while keeping a competitive pricing model. To sum up, here is what we think about this product.

  • Wonderful Design & Construction
  • Perfect for Smaller Classrooms
  • Extremely Easy Cable Management
  • Could be made slightly taller to fit more Chromebooks

kensington chromebook charging station

best chromebook cart

Here are the direct purchase links for the AC12 Chromebook Charging Cart from Kensington

CDWG – Kensington AC12 Security Charging Cabinet

Amazon – Kensington AC12 Security Charging Cabinet for Tablets, Chromebooks, 2 in 1 Laptops (K64415NA)