Hello world, welcome to our website “Tech Really” where we discuss anything and everything within the tech world. Unlike your traditional tech sites, we wish to take a unique approach with “Tech Really” and discuss technical objectives that we come across in real life. We wish to make “Tech Really” the “go-to” place for your tech-related answers. Although it will be hard to compete with many established sites out there like How-To Geek, we will try our best to bring you tech posts that matter.Best Tech Blog

Why Did You Start “Tech Really”?

During the day of this post, the “Tech Really” site is at its infancy with one author alone being myself. As a technology professional, I always run into non-techies who often have a difficult time with technology which is where I got the idea to start this website. I also want to keep this website entertaining for all techies out there, although attaining a techie and non-techie reader base can be challenging, I believe it is possible. “Where there is a will there is a way” right?

As an information technology person by profession, I always get inside knowledge on technology and often get to troubleshoot it first.  So if you have purchased a new laptop or another piece of tech, I may be able to help you with any problems you may face as I may have had prior experience with the same product. I will keep myself busy writing useful posts for this website so you may one day be able to Google your tech problem and hopefully find us.

Can I write for “Tech Really”?

Of course, you can, and get paid for it too! We are open to quality tech articles and experienced writers who can write for us. You don’t have to be a technical genius to write for us, our main focus is quality and relevant content for this website. We only promote original content on this website therefore we check every article thoroughly before publishing. You can contact us at admin@techreally.com to discuss pricing and other things that we look for in a potential author.

Do You Earn Money Through this Site?

Currently, this website is not monetized, although in the future we may lean toward Google Adsense or affiliate marketing to pay for our efforts, hosting etc. Although, this may be a long way out before we get established with posts, traffic, etc.

Can I Share Your Content?

This website takes a lot of time and effort to manage and content on this website is copyrighted to Idle Eye’D, LLC. You are free to share our content on social media however we ask that you do not republish our content on the internet without giving credit to us. If you have any questions or concerns for us, feel free to email us any time. Thank you for visiting “Tech Really” and we hope you learned something interesting.

If you are interested in further details, please feel free to checkout our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer pages.

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